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In this experience, Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist Sue Trainor introduces a song to help children remember the Water Cycle.

Stock photo of Sue Trainor in a classroom with two children

In this experience, Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist Penny uses her Classroom Tree to help children discover the different plants and animals that call it home.

Baby Artsplay!™: music to bring together parents & children. Performed by: Sylvia Zwi, Yvette Holt, and Valerie Bayne Carroll.
Celebrate the wonder of the natural world around us and encourage the protection of wildlife and habitat through the use of music, creative drama and movement.
Join Ms. T on a trip to the sunny West Indies, a journey full of songs, dances and stories.
Discover how to infuse the arts into your everyday classroom management and transitions!
Kofi Dennis doing a warm-up in a classroom with children
Engaging children in music experiences enhances learning at any developmental age.
Sylvia Zwi with parent and child in BAP
This module provides resources to introduce children to dance concepts, resources for incorporating observational and descriptive language, ideas on guiding children in developing imagination and m
Child in a classroom
The resources in this module provide music and movement experience that can be used to promote health and wellness while fostering the connection between the adult and child.
Child and caregiver keep beat on frame drum